Thursday, 27 October 2016

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Debuts Exciting Entertainment for 2016

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is one of the premiere travel clubs in the industry because they are always implementing innovative ideas for guests. When planning a vacation, you quickly realize that most of the features you would like to have on your trip are out of your budget. This financial crisis is one of the many reasons why travelers choose to use the services of travel clubs so that they do not have to sacrifice in their vacations. Through these holiday clubs, it is possible to plan amazing vacations that won’t break your budget, and many of these resorts offer entertainment options as well as V.I.P. packages.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is known throughout the industry as setting the standards for the quality of service, and this company is focused on improving their customer satisfaction annually. When staying at Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic guests get to pick from a large variety of entertainment options. The resort thoughtfully selects the best shows for the season and will guide travelers toward the best shows for their particular groups. 

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club offers V.I.P. packages which include a huge party when the guests arrive. Those that are V.I.P. can enjoy this party when they first arrive, which sometimes includes bubble foam dance parties. There is music, food, drinks, and fun to be had all night long. Then, the next day V.I.P. members can enjoy V.I.P. treatment on the beach. There is a roped off area filled with loungers and cabanas and is manned by a private bar. This V.I.P. treatment is one of the many ways that guests can be entertained while they are on vacation. 

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club also offers sunset cocktail cruises for guests. Couples that want to enjoy the evening in the most romantic way possible recommend signing up for this voyage. Couples, or your group, will board a private Catamaran that has entertainment and a personal crew. This boat trip is a once in a lifetime experience to see the beauty of the sunset on the water of your very own private charter. This ship sails with tasty mini foods as well as cold champagne. This trip on the water is an experience in which every traveler should take advantage. 

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is waiting to assist you in creating the vacation of your dreams, contact them today to see what package options are available to you.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Discusses the Best Travel Activities for Kids

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club knows that family vacations are important and that many parents are eager to include their children when they take vacations. However, they also know that traveling to an amazing destination can take time, and that depending on the way that the family is traveling, it can take a long time to get from home to destination. You want your kids to have fun when you are traveling so Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club wants to make sure that you have things for you kids to do while traveling, so they provide this list of travel activities for kids.

  • Activity binder: Coloring is always a popular car activity, but you also may be concerned about the mess of books and crayons everywhere. As a more organized alternative, tear out a variety of different pages, and maybe print out some activity pages online. Hole punch these and compile an activity binder for each kid, along with a three ring binder pencil bag full of coloring utensils so that everything can be kept organized.
  • Glow in the dark toys: If you have some night traveling to do, give you kids a special treat. Glow in the dark toys, books, crayons, or even glow sticks themselves can be a great way for your kids to have a little extra fun before they head to bed.
  • Blow up ball for airports: If you and your kids are stuck in an airport for a few hours, you need something for your kids to do while you wait, but bringing a lot of toys can be a pain if you packing space is limited. A beach ball is the perfect solution. Until you blow it up it takes no space in the carry on, but then you have an instant toy for the kids. Find an uncrowded area for a game of monkey in the middle or to start rolling the ball back and forth. 

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Delphinus Dreams Cancun for Families Recommended by Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club suggests activities for families in Cancún
Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club knows that Cancun is a destination that will please a variety of different travelers when they visit. It is the perfect destination to visit for a relaxing getaway for those who want to get away from it all and enjoy days by the beach or evenings out with friends. It is a fantastic choice for a romantic couple’s getaway or a honeymoon as well, and lovers are sure to enjoy their time spent together in this paradise. The nightlife is legendary in this destination, offering spring breakers and party lovers all year round the electric atmosphere that they crave. 
Families too will find a great vacation opportunity when they head to the sunny shores of Cancun during their next vacation. In fact, there are many amazing ways that families can sent their time in this city together by attending some of the many nearby attractions. One great attraction that families are able to take advantage of is the Delphinus Dreams Cancun program that takes visitors on excursions all over Cancun to swim with dolphins. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club knows that one of these marine experiences is quite unlike any other and will thrill kids as they get to interact with these gentle creatures. 
 During their time at the attraction, attendees will be able to choose from 5 different unique experiences. These tours will each offer a different day of play, with one showing families different training techniques for dolphins and another allowing a traveler to spend their time bonding with one individual animal to learn its unique personality. With so many options, this is really an extraordinary addition to any Cancun vacation. When families and other travelers take advantage of offerings like this one, their trip will be one that is not soon forgotten. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club encourages travelers to start planning now so that they can discover all that Cancun has to offer them. 

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Shares Tips To Be Careful Making Plane Reservations

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Shares that the cost of flying on a vacation or business trip has raised dramatically over the past few years.  It has caused many people to look for the cheapest flights that they can find when they are planning a trip.  It is possible to save hundreds of dollars when you take the time to find the right flights. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club go says while it is possible to save money, there are some things that travelers need to think about as they make these plans.

Connecting Flights – In order to get a cheaper fare, it might be necessary to accept that you will have to make a connection or two. This is not usually a problem, but you need to make sure that you have enough time between when the first flight lands and when the connection is scheduled to leave. Be aware that any delay could interfere with the connecting flight.  Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club mentions that flights will not always wait for all of the passengers and if your connecting flight leaves, you may find yourself stranded in an airport.

Fees – Many airlines add to the price of their tickets by charging fees. Fees for checked- on luggage, fees to choose a specific seat and other fees can quickly make what you thought was a cheap ticket into something that is very expensive. Ask about fees before booking a ticket.  Of course there may be a fee or two to talk to a live representative about.

Last Flight of the Day – If you have booked the last flight that an airline offers and it is cancelled, you could be in trouble. The airlines do not have to pay for a hotel room or for anything else.  You will have to pay for that out of your own pocket.  Try to avoid these flights when possible. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club wants you to enjoy a hassle free vacation giving you some quick travel tips to help you.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Lists 3 Things to Consider When On a Puerto Plata Vacation

Traveling to the Caribbean can be an amazing experience with white sand beaches, gorgeous backcountry, and a wide array of magnificent flora and fauna.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club knows that Puerto Plata has the added bonus of a rich and well-preserved history. To help make travelers experience that much better, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club has put together its list of the top three things to consider when on a Dominican Republic vacation.

1. Get to know the culture: For a more memorable and richer travel experience, visitors here should read up on the history of Puerto Plata before arriving, or at the very least check out a few articles online. After arriving, travelers can immerse themselves in the local culture by getting away from tour groups from time to time to talk with the locals. Ask what the locals do for entertainment or where they prefer to eat. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club believes smiles will open many a door.

2. What to wear: When in Puerto Plata, people usually dress casual. Loose-fitting cotton clothes and a hat will be recommended to help keep tourists relatively cool and protected against the tropical sun. However, in order to blend in while away from the touristy areas, don't wear shorts in the city as most of the locals do not. Wearing swim wear away from the beach is frowned upon, unless a person is staying at a resort. When dining at nice restaurants in Puerto Plata, people usually wear semiformal attire and are prepared for chilly air-conditioning. Local men usually wear slacks and a collared shirt, while women wear cocktail dresses. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club recommends people take a sweater or jacket when taking an excursion into the mountains, as the temperature drops considerably.

3. Learn some Spanish: The local language of Puerto Plata is Spanish. Visitors who take the time to learn at least a few words of the language are appreciated by the locals. A few essential terms to learn in Spanish include “hola,” which means “hello,” and “gracias',” which means “thank you.” Travelers should also be ready with words like “comida” (food), “agua” (water) and baño (bathroom). Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club believes knowing even these basic words will help make one’s Puerto Plata vacation more enjoyable as well as make it easier to get around.

When travelers are looking for extraordinary luxury, they can depend on the options that are available through Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club. The stunning resort in the Dominican Republic has become a second home to the members that anxiously await their visits each and every year as it offers them extraordinary chances to craft the perfect getaways with their loved ones. Ever committed to giving guests an unforgettable vacation experience, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club continually adds new options for members, such as its new resort offerings in Mexico, that they are encouraged to take advantage of. To learn more about these exceptional vacation experiences with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, visit


Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club
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Telephone: 809-970-7777
Fax: 809-970-7465

Monday, 30 May 2016

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Reveals The Things Most People Forget When Traveling

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club realizes it is something that happens every day. People who are traveling are forced to find a store to find something that they forgot to pack. Even if people use a packing list to help them organize their travel plans, they still can forget something that they needed. There are some things that are common for people to leave out and there are reasons that this can happen. LifestyleHolidays Vacation Club details them below.

·      Toiletries – This probably tops the list of things forgotten most often. The reason is simple. People need to use their toothbrush and other toiletries before they leave for a trip. They cannot pack them in the suitcase the night before and then they forget them in the morning. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club recommends that the solution is to have toiletries that are used for travel and pack them ahead of time.

·      Cell Phone Chargers – Cell phones are one of the essential things for travelers today. The problem is that if you cannot recharge them, you cannot use them. It may be worth having more than one charger that you can pack before you travel so you have it when you need it.

·      Glasses – Like toiletries these are things that you often forget about until it is too late.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Helps You Choosing a Place for your Honeymoon Trip

Start planning a romantic getaway with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club
Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club says that many couples start their honeymoon planning before their marriage just because it is so special moment for every newly married couple to understand each other and spend memorable time in peaceful places. I think everyone wants to celebrate his/her honeymoon in beautiful and cooler areas. They do not tolerate anyone to disturb them, so that they choose quiet hilly areas to enjoy without any interruption.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club  knows there are so many places famous because of their scenic beauty like Switzerland, Norway, Paris and Northern areas of Pakistan like Naraan Kaghaan, Sawaat, Neelum valley and many more. If you really want to make your honeymoon memorable and romantic then choose these areas, you would find unbelievable and lovely view there. Click your photos and capture all the stunning, striking and wonderful nature of every region.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club  offers several reasons behind choosing the cooler places, some of them are:

·         Hot weather may spoil your mood or you can create a fuss during your honeymoon.

·         Cooler areas keep you calm and refresh so you can entertain your partner as well.

·         Peace and greenery sooths you and you can walk on grassland with your partner.

·         You can prefer Snowy and hilly areas as they are known as lover points.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Recommends A Wildlife Vacation

Lifestyle Holidays VacationClub members know that traveling with your entire family may always seem a bit wild but if you visit the wildlife vacation spots you will encounter the real wild world. Wildlife tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors of the tourism industry and it has also made wildlife viewing more accessible for the common man. On the other hand the increased efforts   to preserve the wildlife habitat of the animals with more wild life sanctuaries being designed so the animals can live in their natural environment close to nature have also made wildlife vacations a stark reality. This is the reason that there are more wildlife reserves and more opportunities for the common folks to see the wild animals living in their natural environment.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club says that this is also the main reason that today’s zoo have become more eco-friendly with bigger spaces set up as close to the natural habitat of the animals. Though you can see both the domestic and wild animals in the zoo but you sure can’t compare the experience of seeing these animals living in their natural habitat. For the animals running wild there are many wildlife sanctuaries that are set up so that the animals are safe from being hunted and people can easily spot them. 

Lifestyle Holidays VacationClub says that San Diego, despite having quiet a dense population and too much traffic offers the best wildlife viewing opportunities. The Sea World Park and San Diego Zoo stand out to be classic family friendly destinations that your whole family can enjoy.
Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members recommend a wildlife vacation e to the enthusiastic tourist who want to enjoy unique experiences. Now wildlife watching can also be added to your vacation do list when you plan to vacation in exotic areas that are loaded with natures bounties. Whether it’s a first class zoo or a trip to the national park, both kids and adults love to watch the unusual species of animals living in their natural surroundings.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Provides Ways to Stay Comfortable on a Plane

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club knows that when airlines first started taking people to far off destinations, the passenger was treated like a king. They were pampered and offered many amenities that made flying enjoyable. Thanks to the high cost of flying, many airlines have stopped offering even some of the most basic amenities. The savvy traveler knows how to prepare for a flight so they will still be comfortable without the help of the airline.
      Have your own pillow and blanket. Airlines used to supply these for their passengers, but now that is not guaranteed. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club knows that if you have your own blanket and pillow, you will be more comfortable.
      Carry some snacks – There are limitations on what you can carry onto a plane because of security, but there are still plenty of ways for you to have your own snacks. Check with the airline to find out what is allowed and what is not allowed.
      Bring comfortable shoes- You can put these shoes or slippers on while you are traveling. For safety reasons, you should always wear shoes or slippers while you are flying, but the more comfortable they are, the better.

      Bring a book – The ability to use electronics can vary and batteries do not last forever. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club knows that an old fashioned book may be the best solution.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Shares Basic Elements of Travel Etiquette

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club says although vacations are supposed to be fun and carefree, this does not mean that basic etiquette should be abandoned. There are many people who go on vacation and encounter locals in an area. A common form of decency should be expected by all people when around others. The following are easy steps to follow that will ensure harmony with others while vacationing.
Basic travel etiquette
Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club provides basic travel etiquette
·         Be conscientious of others: A traveler who is loud and disruptive in public, whether intentional or unintentional, can disturb others and create a negative experience. By not drawing attention to oneself and speaking in a quieter voice, people nearby will be more relaxed.
·         Avoid littering: Not putting trash into proper disposal containers can spoil an area with garbage and can have long lasting environmental impacts. In order to preserve an area, travelers should refrain from littering, according to Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club. 
·         Respect customs: The culture and customs of an area could be different from what a traveler knows. Doing research to attain better understanding of such details will help avoid many cultural taboos that can be committed based on a lack of knowledge.
·         Be courteous to people: Regardless of who is encountered during a vacation, travelers should treat others with the level of respect that they would want. People who are kind to each other create a pleasant environment to share.
Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club says these elements are relatively simple to follow and will help guarantee that a vacation is the best it can be.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Announces the Start of Whale Season in the Dominican Republic

Whale season in the Dominican Republic officially begins January 15, explains Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club.

Enjoy the whale season with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club
Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is excited to announce the beginning of whale season in theDominican Republic this January.  This TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Winner gladly welcomes both the whales and those who come to see them this season.
Beginning mid-January, humpback whales arrive in Samana Bay on their annual migration route.  These majestic creatures typically stay through March, but each season may differ depending on ocean temperatures and climate changes.  Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club advises that tourists interested in seeing these aquatic mammals plan trips to the Dominican Republic during this time. 
The Samana Bay lies on the northern side of the Dominican Republic.  Centrally located between Punta Cana and Puerto Plata, this whale sanctuary is easy for tourists to access from these popular resort towns.  This location is ideally situated for the whales before they head north in the Atlantic.
Humpbacks are the type of whales that frequent Samana Bay.  Mature humpback whales can weigh 40 tons and measure 50 feet in length; they are dark gray or black with white markings.  These creatures have visited the Dominican Republic annually for centuries. Even Christopher Columbus mentioned seeing these whales in his travel logs.   
The whales come to this part of the world for mating season.  Visitors may see the male whales vying for the affection of their female counterparts by engaging in very showy behavior.  Another enjoyable sight is watching the young swim next to their mothers.
Tourists who want to see these whales increase their chances of an encounter by taking a tour, explains Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club.  Different companies offer excursions, and boats of different sizes and shapes may take visitors out into the bay.  Humpback whales are considered a national treasure by the local government, so be sure to follow official regulations when viewing these mammals.
Visiting the Dominican Republic in winter allows travelers to experience the excitement of whale season.  Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club welcomes those who wish to see these majestic creatures in this beautiful location.