Thursday, 28 March 2013

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Takes You To Jarabacoa, The Dominican Holiday Destination

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club know that that Jarabacoa, is another Dominican hot spot, located among the famous mountain ranges of Dominican Republic, it has also been baptized as the City Of The Everlasting Springs. 

Its main tourist’s attractions are its beautiful mountains and natural beauty as this region has an impressive nature to boast of. It is home to three majestic waterfalls that can leave you astounded; this is the place to breathe in fresh air, alpine flora and stunning panoramas along with enjoying different recreational facilities, right from river rafting, paragliding and swimming for Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club travelers.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members tip the excited travelers on the tropical climate, white sandy beaches, majestic mountain peaks, beautiful rivers and waterfall, Salto de Jimenoa, located near Jarabacoa. 

For a complete change of crisp air and alpine vegetation a holiday in Jarabacoa, which is every bit as enthralling as its beaches. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club finds it framed against an intensive blue sky offering the cooling respite that radiates from its hot temperature and its awesome visual panorama that literally unfolds in every direction. 

Adventure seekers can enjoy a River Rafting experience in bold and beautiful Jarabacoa. River rafting excursions can provide an adrenaline rush as wind blows through the cold waters. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club advises you to make advance reservations as most of the excursions start of early and this way you will be prepared and ready to face the action packed adventure.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Smart Travel Tips For Vacationers At The Dominican Republic

Are you heading to the Dominican Republic this summer season, then make sure that you know all about is culture, attractions, health tips and safe areas before you arrive. Much more than the all inclusive beach resorts the Dominican Republic is one of the most geographically diverse country of the   Caribbean with its stunning mountain scenery to its desert scrublands. Lifestyle Holidays VacationClub offers you travel tips for Dominican Republic that will give you an opportunity to travel safe and in comfort.

Your passport is your getaway to travel and therefore you should always carry it with you signed and completed. Never forget to carry an extra copy of your passport for identification wherever you travel as it sure comes in handy in case of emergencies.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members remind the traveling tourists to get all their travel vaccinations completed before they leave their homes as these vaccines can prevent you from Caribbean illnesses that infect people every year. Tourists should avoid swimming in pools that have not been treated with chorine and should wear long sleeves and long pants especially during sunrise and sunset to avoid Dengue Fever. They should also dress up causally and avoid wearing skimpy beachwear in malls, museums and government buildings.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members welcome you to paradise in Dominican Republic with beaches and crystalline turquoise sea and a place where the mid-day a siesta is an honored tradition. Elegant and sophisticated its all inclusive experience liberates you from everyday care and stresses.